FREE Patriotic Party Printables! This collection has all the printables you need for a 4th of July or Americana party, including water bottle labels, table tents, cupcake liners, and more!

Don’t spend your money at the party store buying decorations! Use these FREE Patriotic Party Printables as your guide. This set includes water bottle labels, cupcake liners, table tents in a variety of sizes, circle labels, and even a printable banner. Just a few simple printables will dress up your 4th of July party!


water bottle labels

Get the FREE Patriotic Water Bottle Labels Here

I’ve been making water bottle labels for parties since my daughter was young. Back when she wanted to start helping with her party prep, it was the perfect way to get her involved.

If you put out water bottles on a dessert or beverage table, why not dress them up with easy labels?

Make your own water bottle labels to dress up any party! Water bottle labels are easy to attach with simple packing tape.


  • Water bottles (16.9 ounce size)
  • Printed water bottle labels (I recommend printing on normal computer paper)
  • Clear packing tape (about 1.88″ wide)

How to attach water bottle labels:

  1. If desired, remove original label (not required).
  2. Cut out the patriotic water bottle labels.
  3. Pull out a length of packing tape longer than the label you’ve cut. Place the label (design side down) on the sticky side of the tape. Cut the tape.
  4. Wrap around the water bottle, sticking the tape to the bottle.
printable patriotic cupcake liners

Get the FREE Patriotic Cupcake Liners Here

Do you ever find yourself with cupcake liners coming out of your ears and every cabinet? I have themed cupcake liners for holidays and birthdays I’ll never celebrate again! Save the money by printing cupcake liners yourself and just printing out however many you need. These patriotic cupcake liners will go perfectly on Fireworks Cupcakes or 4th of July Swirl Cupcakes!

Patriotic Cupcake Liners are easy to print and assemble and will dress up even the most basic cupcake.


  • White card stock (can be purchased in the paper section of most Target/Walmart or craft stores)
  • Scissors
  • Cupcakes

To use: cut out cupcake liner.  Wrap around cupcake and secure with tape or double stick tape, or use the tabs provided.

Printable Patriotic Table Tents

Get the FREE Patriotic Table Tents Set 1 Here

Get the FREE Patriotic Table Tents Set 2 Here

I put out table tents for everything at parties. Whether I’m writing what’s on the buffet table to telling how to make your own cocktail, I use table tents for everything. Tell your guests where to put their purses, direct them to the outdoor fun, or even put a table tent by a gift table. These patriotic table tents are perfect for the 4th of July.


Simply cut them out and fold, and write in them with a sharpie!

Free patriotic bunting for the 4th of July!

Get the FREE Patriotic Bunting Here

I’m always looking for a fun bunting or banner to put up on my mantle. I used to buy them for every party but stopped when I realized I had hundreds of signs I’d never use again! Now I print my own bunting and assemble it easily. For a few hours it’s the perfect decoration.

A free printable patriotic bunting is a cheap way to make a sign for every occasion!

Tools needed:

  • White card stock (can be purchased in the paper section of most Target/Walmart or craft stores)
  • Scissors
  • String or ribbon

How to assemble the patriotic bunting:

  • Print out as many sheets as needed.
  • Cut out each triangle.
  • Option 1: punch holes in the two corners of the short side. Weave a ribbon through, attaching them all together. Hang.
  • Option 2: tape a ribbon to the back of each triangle. Hang.
Free printable patriotic circle tags for the 4th of July!

Get the FREE Patriotic Circle Labels Here

Printable circle labels are perfect for so many things at a party. Use them for cupcake picks or confetti, or use them as stickers on a goody bag. The sky is the limit to how to use this free patriotic printable.


  • White card stock (can be purchased in the paper section of most Target/Walmart or craft stores)
  • Sticker paper (can be purchased at office supply or craft stores)
  • For cupcake picks: toothpicks

To assemble:

  • For labels or stickers, print on sticker paper and cut out.
  • For confetti or cupcake picks, print on card stock.
  • To assemble cupcake picks, cut out circles then tape a toothpick on the back. Insert into cupcake.

These free patriotic party printables are perfect for your 4th of July party, or even for Memorial Day or even an Americana themed party. Want to see other printables? Let me know what kind in the comments!

The scrapbook papers for the projects included in this freebie pack came from The Cottage Market and Free Pretty Things For You.

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