BOOZY Frozen Lemonade is easy to make and is the perfect summer drink. Make this frozen lemonade with vodka and sorbet or make it without alcohol for the kids.

This recipe is like that theme park frozen lemonade but with vodka!

frozen lemonade in glass with straw

Whether you call this frozen lemonade or a lemonade slushy, it’s the perfect summer drink! With or without alcohol it’s refreshing and cold and perfect for those hot days by the pool.

Frozen lemonade is reminiscent of theme parks and carnivals, don’t you think? Whenever I’m at Disneyland or any amusement park, we’re always on the lookout for a frozen lemonade stand.

Supposedly, Chick-fil-A also makes a frozen lemonade people lose their minds over, but this version is easy to make at home. This is the most authentic soft frozen lemonade I’ve ever had that’s not from the store!

How do you make Frozen Lemonade?

It’s so easy, you’ll never wait to buy one again. Here’s what you need:

  • Lemon Sorbet! That’s right, this recipe has no lemonade concentrate. The base of the drink is lemon sorbet!
  • Lemonade (any kind)
  • Vodka, if you want a BOOZY Frozen Lemonade (who doesn’t?)
  • Ice
  • Blender

When I found a lemon sorbet in the back of the freezer, I decided to try making frozen lemonade at home. I didn’t know how it was going to turn out but oh my gosh it was so good.

This is the best frozen lemonade recipe you’ll ever drink, and it’s even better with vodka!

frozen lemonade in two glasses

You’re probably most familiar with Minute Maid frozen lemonade and I’m telling you this recipe is better.

Why use lemon sorbet?

I think that using sorbet instead of lemonade concentrate gives this so much more flavor. Lemon sorbet is made from lemon juice and sugar, so there’s no dairy in it (it’s not ice cream). It almost tastes creamy though, because it’s so flavorful. The sorbet alone tastes like you’re eating frozen lemonade!

Make Boozy Frozen Lemonade this summer!

To turn your sorbet into a drink, you need to add liquid and ice. Why not add some alcohol to your blended beverage and make a cocktail? This recipe will take the place of frozen margaritas at your next party because it’s so good. Just be sure to make extra because it’ll go fast!

Drinking a frozen lemonade is a great way to keep cool on a hot summer day…especially when it has vodka in it!

Can you make this a non-alcoholic frozen lemonade?

Yes! The recipe calls for vodka and lemonade to help thin the sorbet. If you want to make this a mocktail, just skip the vodka and add more lemonade.

Boozy Frozen Lemonade recipe

Drinking frozen lemonade with a straw on a hot summer day is pure heaven. But if you’re like my daughter and want to eat this with a spoon, it’s easy to adapt the recipe. Simply use less liquid! The less liquid you use, the thicker the frozen lemonade will be. It’ll go from sipping to spooning, just like at your favorite theme park.


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2 Strawberry frose in tall glasses with a green and white straw

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collage of frozen cocktails recipes

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  1. Dorothy, thanks for posting this. You say any kind of lemonade, so I’m guessing you used a “jug” of lemonade (already mixed as opposed to the frozen stuff you have to defrost and add liquid to) for this recipe. I’m trying to figure out how to make this for 1 (haha) without having an entire pitcher in the freezer that would just be calling my name all night long!!

    1. Haha I know right? I’d just add a scoop of sorbet to a blender with a shot (or three, ha!) of vodka and lemonade. Start with less and add more as needed for consistency.

    1. I’m sorry you had that issue. What brand did you use? I absolutely LOVED the one I made – it tasted just like frozen lemonade.