This Tropical Sangria Punch Recipe will make you think you’re at the beach! Wine, pineapple juice, rum, and orange make this such a fun summer punch recipe!

You know it’s good when your cocktail tastes like juice, ha!

tropical sangria in glass

It’s almost time for summer cocktails! This summer I plan to sit by the pool with the grill going and a cocktail in my hand multiple times per week.

When I’m looking for the perfect summer punch recipe, I always think about sangria. Wine is my favorite beverage by choice, so sangria just makes it better. To me, a good sangria tastes like juice, which is good and bad, ha!

Sangria combines the flavors of wine and fruit and and is the perfect warm weather beverage for a party. It’s like a party punch by definition, and everyone loves it.

This Tropical Sangria Punch takes a traditional sangria a step further and makes you feel like you’re on the beach in Hawaii. With the flavors of orange, pineapple, and cherry, it’ll make you long for summer days by the water.

One of the things I absolutely love about sangria is how adaptable it is. You can change the flavors of it by simply changing the juice or fruit or liquor you put in it. You can use a sweet wine, like moscato, or use red or white wine, or even sparkling. It’s easy to change up the flavors to make them taste more like a margarita, or more like the tropics, and so many more flavor combinations.


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