Hosting a Halloween Party? Serve up one of these spooky Halloween Cocktails! Halloween parties are all about the fun and spooky food and drinks. These Halloween Cocktails will get the party going!


Zombtini cocktail with a fake eyeball floating in it and other fake eyeballs on the table below

Zombtini by Totally the Bomb

2 Witches Brew cocktails and a pumpkin with writing behind them

Witches Brew by Real Housemoms

The Witches Heart cocktails in martini glasses on a dark counter. The liquid is purple

The Witches Heart by The Flavor Bender

Ta-Kill-A Tequila Vampire Cocktail with small skulls on the rim of the glass and green dripping down the sides

Ta-Kill-A Tequila Vampire Cocktail by Recipe Girl

Spooky Juice cocktail which is green in a glass and a red background with spiders and a bat

Spooky Juice by Mix that Drink

Spiderweb Cocktail with fake spiders on the glasses and a spier web image on top of the drinks

Spiderweb Cocktail by Amanda’s Cookin

Embalming Fluid cocktail being held by three skeleton hands

Embalming Fluid by Noshing with the Nolands

Halloween Sangria shot from above with three colorful drinks in clear glasses

Halloween Sangria by Well Plated

The Grave Digger cocktail in a glass with a skull on it and smoke coming out the top

The Grave Digger by Boulder Locavore

Glow In The Dark Infected Brain cocktail shot from above in a clear glass

Glow In The Dark Infected Brain by Boulder Locavore

Candy Corn Cocktail in a martini glass with candy corn on the table below the glass with writing

Candy Corn Cocktail by Real Housemoms

Vampire punch in clear glasses with red dripping down the side

Vampire Punch by Cookin Canuck

Don’t miss this list of fabulous Halloween Cocktails!

From vampire bites to sangria or bloody martinis, this list will get the spooky party going.

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