Oreo Fluff Salad is the best kind of salad recipe! This easy fluff recipe has marshmallows and pudding and tons of OREO cookies!

I love calling this a salad because it makes people lose their minds. But hey, it has the same ingredients (minus the fruit) of other “fluff salads”…so why not?


oreo fluff salad in bowl

Fluff, salad, pudding, whatever you call this, it’s AMAZING. Just a few ingredients combine to make a pudding mixture that’s fluffy and crunchy and sweet and perfect all at the same time.

Okay, so maybe it’s not a salad…in the traditional sense. It’s a DESSERT salad, and it’s delicious. Marshmallows, Oreos, pudding, and whipped topping, there’s not much better!

What makes a fluff salad?

If there is one thing every fluff salad has in common, it’s marshmallows. Every fruit fluff or ambrosia salad recipe you see has mini marshmallows in it. They make it fluffier and add some good texture. Otherwise…it’s just pudding.

Most fluff recipes you see also use Cool Whip. I love using whipped topping because it’s so easy. Sure, you can use whipped cream, but I think Cool Whip is better in these sorts of fluffy ambrosia recipes.

I know some people make Oreo fluff with cream cheese, but I decided to skip that this time. I just wanted a one bowl and a wooden spoon recipe, no mixing needed.

I can see using this as an Oreo fluff dip or even as an Oreo fluff pie! The crunchy creamy sweet flavor is just amazing. It’s certainly not a skinny weight watchers fluff, that’s for sure!

Beware though – only make this for a crowd!

How do you make Oreo Fluff?

It’s easy!


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