Banana Pudding Fluff is your favorite banana pudding recipe made into a dessert salad! Bananas, pudding, marshmallows, and vanilla wafers all mix in one big bowl of delicious dessert!

This isn’t your grandma’s banana pudding, that’s for sure…but it’s BETTER!


banana pudding fluff in bowl

This easy vanilla wafer banana pudding recipe isn’t your traditional banana pudding. Nope – it’s a fluff salad recipe!

It would seem that I have a fluff obsession (i.e. Oreo and Pistachio) but really, it’s because of you guys. I’ve gotten such great response to all the fluff recipes I’ve posted so I’m just going to keep going with new flavors!

One of the pies my mom made all the time when I was a kid was banana cream pie. It was a staple in our household. I loved the pudding and the crust, but I didn’t love the banana chunks. I must’ve been crazy, because now I can’t get enough!

What is Banana Pudding?

There are so many banana pudding recipes out there. Basically, it’s a southern dessert that combines pudding, bananas, and either Nilla Wafers or Shortbread Cookies. I’ve seen it down with both, and I assume there are pro-Nilla and pro-shortbread camps out there.

I’ve seen recipes for banana pudding in all shapes and forms: banana pudding from scratch, using a pudding mix, using cool whip vs. fresh whipped cream. Banana Pudding Cupcakes and Pie and milkshakes and drinks.

Now…I’m turning banana pudding into a fluff salad! I think I like calling these desserts “salads” because then I feel better about eating them. I mean, after all, this is kind of a fruit salad, right? Bananas and all?

banana pudding fluff in bowl

What is fluff salad?

Fluff Salad is another iconic recipe, stemming from the 70s. I think that Kraft invented it when instant pudding became so popular.

There are so many versions of fluff, from pistachio to pineapple to cherry, ambrosia, chocolate…anything you can imagine, really. Just add Cool Whip and marshmallows to pudding mix and you’ve got fluff salad.

Banana Pudding Fluff is an easy no-bake dessert salad recipe full of instant pudding, cool whip, bananas, marshmallows, and cookies. It’s a new version of your mom’s banana pudding recipe!

This Banana Fluff Salad starts with instant pudding mix. You can use vanilla, but I love using banana flavor. I know that banana pudding is often made with vanilla pudding, but I love the flavor of banana pudding, so I use that.

All of the signature flavors of banana pudding are in this easy fluff recipe: banana, pudding, whipped topping and, of course, cookies. I used Vanilla Wafers (i.e. Nilla Wafers) but you can also use shortbread, or even graham crackers or Golden Oreos.

This is the perfect potluck salad recipe for summer. It’s no bake and delicious – everyone loves a good fluff salad at a pool party or family picnic. Just be sure to bring lots of spoons!

Tips for the perfect Banana Pudding Fluff Salad:

  • Be sure to use instant pudding.
  • You can easily make this low-sugar by substituting sugar-free pudding and cool whip (and even cookies).
  • Bananas will brown after a day so eat this the day it’s made.
  • To keep the bananas from browning, you can lightly brush them with some lemon or orange juice. Just don’t use too much or it’ll change the flavor of your dessert.

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  1. 5 stars
    I seen this just yesterday and woke up this morning and straight to the store for the ingredients…I doubled the recipe! The cost was just over $5 and was so easy to make! It was so delicious and light.

  2. If doubling the recipe do you have to refrigerate the pudding/coolwhip mix to get it to set up?

    1. 5 stars
      I’ve always used 2% and it turns out wonderful for me! Matter of fact, my pudding is setting now for dessert tonight!

  3. 5 stars
    This recipe sounds delicious!!! I wonder tho if instead of mini marshmallows if I could use
    MARSHMELLOW FLUFF??? I planned on trying this recipe tomorrow, but I’m seriously thinking about using a small jar of marshmallow fluff instead of mini marshmallows. I’m open to any thoughts or comments??? Thanks so very much!!!

  4. 5 stars
    I’ve made this twice now and everyone loves it. I like it better the next day because the vanilla wafers are softer. But, it’s good either way and gets eaten very fast!

  5. I would live to have the exact recipe!! I know it has it up there,, but would like to know the exact amount each ingredients will need…

    Thank you?

  6. The recipe link for the banana fluff is no longer working. Would you mind telling? Banana pudding, cool whip, marshmallows & cookies?

  7. I learned from my Mom years ago that if you dip your banana slices in lemon juice before using them, they stay pretty and fresh looking longer!

  8. 5 star recipe!! If you want to impress all your guests, this is a crowd pleaser! Tons of flavor, nice texture with the mini marshmallows and vanilla wafers. Was loved by all my guests!